December 14, 2018, 2:19 am

Two Blackjack Casinos in South Carolina

Casino gambling is not legal in all U.S. states. There are some parts of the U.S. where gambling is not yet recognized by law. While there are U.S. states wherein casino gambling forms part of their economic growth, there are also some U.S. states that do not allow gambling to contribute to their economy despite the fact that casino gambling plays a major part in the development of one's economy.

This is the case in South Carolina. Casino gambling in this state is very much prohibited. No law has yet been passed as to the legality of casino gambling, which is why nobody will ever see any casino or gambling facility established on the state's dry land. But the people of South Carolina are smart enough to establish casinos in its cruise ships. That way, casino owners are not disobeying the law. At the same time, locals and tourists of South Carolina get entertained legally by participating in casino games conducted in cruise ships.

However, there have only been two cruise ships in this state that hold gambling activities. But the fact that both locals and tourists can have the opportunity to play gambling games in a state that does not legally recognize casino gambling is already something to be thankful for. And besides, being able to play casino games in a cruise ship just makes gambling doubly fun.

It seems that casino gambling will not be legalized in South Carolina in the near future. There are also talks indicating that gambling in cruise ships will also be prohibited soon. This only means that the government of this state is definitely not in favor of casino gambling. Well, gambling in cruise ships is definitely fun and we encourage gamblers out there to try out these two cruise ships in this state that conduct casino games while they are still in existence. We, along with some citizens of South Carolina, are also hoping that the state's government will take into consideration the legality of the operations of casinos. But in the mean time, let's learn more about the state's two blackjack casinos that are housed in cruise ships.

The SunCruz Casino - Myrtle Beach is a blackjack casino situated along Mineola Avenue in Little River, South Carolina. Blackjack players are invited to try playing in this blackjack casino as they will get to meet a lot of blackjack fanatics. The gaming space of this casino can house thirteen blackjack tables. As soon as there are enough gamblers inside the casino, the cruise ship heads onto the water for more fun and excitement. The cruise ship then returns to the port to unload some passengers and to load new passengers as well.

The Diamond Casino Cruise is another blackjack casino that is situated in Little River but can be found along the Waterfront Avenue. The bets that can be placed by a blackjack player can be as high as US$1,500, while the lowest bet is US$5. Its gaming space has nine blackjack tables all in all.



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