December 14, 2018, 2:19 am

Knowing Your Advantage in Blackjack

The Distractions In entering the casino, just remember to keep cool and put in your mind to be in focus to your blackjack games. Inside the casino you will be mesmerized by the flashing lights, the sounds of the slot machines and the merry-making tone of the house. The casino does all of these to their advantage so as to divert the attention of blackjack players from their games and not to be serious about them. Do not fall for this.

Before starting to play, take a rest for a while and walk around the casino for say five to ten minutes. While watching other gamblers, plan in your mind the things you will do in your games.

Choosing the Table Many gamblers are not aware of this blackjack advantage strategy. Often players would sit on the table they found that is still available, that has a minimum bet where they may be comfortable to play with. In selecting the right table so as to increase your chances of winning, here are some guidelines;

We offer a course on blackjack, that is Target 21 Winning Blackjack which has 21 logical factors for the winning tables and increasing one's blackjack advantage . Manifestations of its usefulness are the players who used these blackjack strategies to their advantage and raking piles of chips in their front.

A good sign of the blackjack table is when you notice players who have stacks of chips that seem to exceed the average buy-in of $100 in a $5 minimum table entry game, and that majority of the players are way over the average buy-in. Another sign of blackjack advantage is when you see many players placing their bets which are higher than the minimum bet required on that table. Practically, players increase their bet when they are winning. This winning period can be coming from the non-random shuffle, which generates the winning instances for both players and dealers.

The Table Entry Probably the best table a player can enter into is a dealer - breaking table. If you see a table with huge stack of piles of chips in front of the players, and all players betting in big amounts, the players giving tips to dealer, and the dealer's chip rack almost empty, then do not waste time and grab an available seat in this table. The player's advantage in this blackjack table is surely a hit.

Although this kind of table does not occur too often, keep a watch on them. Normally, 28% of the time is the dealer's break. However, we can see dealers break of 50 to 75% of the hands on the whole shoe, in a dealer-breaking table.

These type of blackjack is sometimes called "dumping tables" by the casino employees because of the fact that the dealer is dumping the chips to blackjack players.



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