December 14, 2018, 2:19 am

Elimination Blackjack: A Combination of Blackjack and Texas Holdem

Blackjack is one of the attractive and appealing games in online casino and traditional casino that get the attention of most card players. Classic blackjack offers chance to players to raise their bankroll by defeating blackjack dealers. Despite the idea that most international casinos offer classic or traditional blackjack, some players still, look for the variation of blackjack that combines the basic blackjack and Texas Holdem rules.

Famous poker player Russ Hamilton is the person who invents the mechanics in playing elimination blackjack. The format of elimination blackjack is different from traditional blackjack because unlike in classic blackjack in which players aim to beat the hands of dealers, in elimination blackjack, players aim to stay up to the final round of the game.

Basic Elimination Blackjack Rules

Most of the time, elimination blackjack has 30 or more rounds. To join in elimination blackjack, players must at least have a bankroll of $10,000. In this game, the house uses six decks of cards. Every player who participates in elimination blackjack can retreat or surrender. Those who surrender in the game, will get half of the initial bet that they place.

Eliminations in the Blackjack Variation

There are three ways how players are disqualified or eliminated in elimination blackjack. First, players can be eliminated if they do not have remaining chips for the succeeding rounds. Second, players should at least be able to place the minimum required wager before they can proceed with the game. Third, players who have the lowest number of chips in elimination hands will be automatically eliminated in the entire game.

Determining the Winner in Elimination Blackjack

Identifying who wins in this game is very easy. Since there are rounds in the game wherein players are eliminated, the last player who stays in the table after 30 rounds wins the game.

Tactics in Elimination Blackjack

Because elimination blackjack combines two card games, Blackjack and Texas Holdem, it is necessary that gamblers have background on the games. Tactics that players use in traditional blackjack may not be applicable in elimination blackjack since the games have different formats. Hence, money management techniques that players use in No Limit Texas Holdem will truly help gamblers who play elimination blackjack.

To win in elimination blackjack, players need hard work, commitment and determination. Skills concerning bankroll management are important to stay up to the final round of the game. Above all, many players agree that to win in elimination blackjack, players need to spend more time learning the basic elements and aspects of the game.