December 14, 2018, 2:19 am

Benefits of Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is a unique table game in casinos because you can eventually turn the odds of the game to your favor almost completely. Fortunately, players can even change their bets during the middle part of the game if they perceived that their hand has the potential of winning against the dealer's.

Blackjack even has a fluctuating house edge and that will move along depending on the expertise of the player. If a player uses even just the basic strategy for blackjack, it is believed that the house edge can be virtually removed.

Basic strategy for blackjack is always associated with many types of blackjack strategies. There are players who firmly believe that in order to win in the game, the basic strategy is all you will need, but there are also other players who believe that you need more than just the basic strategy.

Basic strategy refers to a statistical method that players apply to assess a specific move of the game in various blackjack situations. The theory of basic strategy is that there are some variables that are controlling a blackjack game such as total number of card decks or certain blackjack table rules. When these game variables are determined, players will be able to ascertain what game moves in blackjack are statistically beneficial in the long run.

Common basic strategy in blackjack are usually shown in a form of a table chart that suggests when is the right time to hit, stand, split, and double down. And referring to that chart can aid you in maximizing your winning odds in blackjack.

Here are some details about the basic strategy of blackjack:

- Using the basic strategy of blackjack to the letter will lessen the house edge of the game to less than 1%.

- Neglecting the basic strategy and go on playing blackjack basing mainly on your hunches and instinct will increase the house edge to about 3% to 6%.

- Imitating the dealer instead of using basic strategy can significantly increase your losses in blackjack to more than ten times. The general play moves of the blackjack dealer is to hit all hand 16, stand on all hand 17, and no split and doubling down. Players must always stand on hard hand 17 or higher and stand on soft hand 19 or higher.

- Multiplying your usual blackjack bet by 40 can let you ascertain an appropriate bankroll of the game.

- When you are dealt an Ace as your first card of the blackjack game, you immediately have a great advantage against the house of about 52%.

Applying blackjack basic strategy each time you play can redirect the edge to your favor and don't just rely on your instinct and hunches.