December 14, 2018, 2:19 am

Author Lance Humble Has a Book for Blackjack Players

One excellent reading material about the game of 21 is the blackjack book titled "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book," by Lance Humble. The history of the basic blackjack strategy is written in this blackjack book. Aside from that, there are many other topics related to blackjack that are discussed by Lance Humble in this book, including the discussion of the different counting systems.

In "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book," Lance Humble points out the need to set up an appropriate bankroll. To quote Lance Humble, he states in one of the pages of "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" the need to "accumulate a bankroll fifty times the size of a player's usual large bet." Lance Humble also warns readers the importance of reading every page of "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book." Ignoring some of the chapters of this blackjack book might make them lose their bankroll before they even know it. Lance Humble emphasizes that in "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book," he even discusses the topic of cheating dealers.

Another important aspect of the game of blackjack that is indicated in "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" is the selection by blackjack players of the right blackjack table. Such aspect may be nonsense to some readers but actually, this aspect is very significant and even professional blackjack players know its significance. As a matter of fact, many believe that the selection of the right table should be incorporated in the rules of the game. Lance Humble also talks about such subjects as surrender, doubling after pair splitting, doubling cards to split aces, and early surrender.

"The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" also explains various seats, or the pluses and minuses of different seats to be more specific. In this part of "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book," Lance Humble emphasizes the need to avoid the third base because this is where cheaters usually seat. Seating in such base might only arise suspicion from the dealer. Lance Humble even advises that the seat next to the third base is one of the better choices because the blackjack player who will sit in that base will have an adequate time to think about his hand.

What is good about "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" is the fact that it offers tips to readers on how to avoid cheaters or how to avoid becoming cheated. Lance Humble explains in "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" that cheating used to be a big issue in the past because there were no cameras in gambling establishments during early times. But now that gambling establishments and casinos have started to install modern equipment, cheating inside the premises has been minimized a great deal. Nonetheless, we still cannot repudiate the fact that cheating still occurs inside casinos and gambling facilities. In "The World's Greatest Blackjack Book," Lance Humble quotes Mario Puzo when he said that cheating exists where gambling does.

"The World's Greatest Blackjack Book" is a blackjack book that we highly recommend blackjack players.